Do you want to pay £millions for another one of these?


No Stadium At Booker provides resources and information to help in the battle to stop the construction of a 20,000 seater football stadium at Wycombe Air Park, Booker, Buckinghamshire. As well as the stadium, there would also be a 3,500 space car park and a very large building and road construction program on and around the site. Gliding has taken place at Wycombe Air Park since the Second World War when it operated as RAF Booker, home to the Glider Pilot Regiment. Civilian gliding continued after the airfield was sold by the Ministry of Defence, with Booker Gliding Club dating from 1965. If this project goes ahead, the gliding club will be forced to close. No alternative has so far been suggested.

New links will be added as further information becomes available. More information is available on the GASP website set up by a coalition of local protest groups and from the Booker Gliding blog.

The Leader of the Lib Dems on WDC, Steve Guy, recently visited the gliding club, read about his visit and how much he values the club here.

In a poll run by the Bucks Free Press a staggering 87% voted against the stadium, with 4799 votes registered. Analysis of the votes cast later reduced this to a still hefty 77% against. Read all about it at 'Readers say no'. In a more detailed BFP survey with fully validated results, fewer than one in five respondents supported the stadium proposal. More details here and reactions to the results here

WDC consultation

WDC's 6 week consultation period (half the length recommended by central Government guidelines) produced results which purport to show that 70% of respondents are in favour of the stadium being built at Wycombe Air Park. However, campaigners have raised concerns about the validity of the results, because no attempt was made to validate the addresses supplied by respondents, nor to weed out multiple responses and those from Micky Mouse and his friends. As a reflection of local opinion the consultation is in serious doubt. The Council's Cabinet, made up of 12 councillors, none of whom represent wards affected by the Booker proposal, met on Monday 17 January and decided to press ahead with the project. This decision is now to be called in for scrutiny by the Council's Improvement and Review Commission. The GASP coalition held a demonstration (see News) on the night of the meeting. If you think the stadium scheme is wrong, you should continue to lobby your local councillor with a view to getting the decision made by the full Council.

Booker Gliding Club accused of scaremongering

A local Parish Councillor has accused the Club of scaremongering about the threat to airspace over the Wycombe area. Read the response here…

Booker stadium = misuse of public money

Wycombe District Council (WDC) is proposing to replace the existing Adams Park stadium. The plan is driven by Wasps' need to make a profit and as they cannot afford a new stadium they need WDC to build it for them. Projected cost is £88m of council taxpayers' money.

Booker stadium = no more gliding in the area

Wycombe Air Park belongs to WDC. The airfield has a number of tenants including Booker Gliding Club. The proposed building complex would replicate existing sporting provision in Wycombe but would force the Gliding Club to close as there are no alternative sites available for it.

Booker stadium = serious environmental harm

Wycombe Air Park is a green space enjoyed by many members of the community. It is home to a wide variety of rare flora and fauna. It serves to separate Lane End, Frieth and Marlow from the urban sprawl of High Wycombe. The proposal is for a 20,000 seat stadium and other sports facilities, and parking for 3,500 cars, plus 600 homes.